Rep. Tim Greimel

Getting to Know our Friends in the Legislature

Representative Tim Greimel

Distrit 29 - Auburn Hills, Pontiac

1. CPAN: Why did you decide to run for the state legislature?

Rep Greimel: My parents were Milliken Republicans who actively encouraged my brother and me to care about and become involved in politics. I became a civil rights and labor lawyer because I wanted to be an advocate for average, everyday people who are trying to build a better life for their families. Of course, policy plays an important role in that overall goal. I want to play a part in making sure the deck isn't stacked against hardworking families who just want to put in a fair day's work, play by the rules, earn a decent pay, and give their kids a shot at a better life.

2. CPAN: What are your personal priorities for this 98th legislative session?

Rep Greimel: I have said from day one that I want to work with my Republican colleagues to make a positive difference in the lives of the people of Michigan. Last session, we passed the Healthy Michigan Plan and Detroit's Grand Bargain by working together despite one's political party. I remain hopeful that we can find a solution this session to fix Michigan's crumbling roads that doesn't put the burden onto Michigan's every day families.

3. CPAN: Can you share one aspect of your job as a legislator that you didn't anticipate before you took office?

Rep Greimel: I did not anticipate how challenging it is to be in the minority. We fight hard for what we believe is right, such as fixing our roads, bringing tax relief to families and creating economic opportunity for the small businesses that create most of our state's jobs. I know that the voters who put us in office expect us to be their voice in the Legislature, which is why we keep working toward our goals no matter the odds.

4. CPAN: Why is preserving the Michigan auto no-fault insurance system important to you?

Rep Greimel: No Fault Insurance makes it possible for most Michigan families to afford the life-saving and rehabilitative care they would need after a catastrophic automobile accident. Without the protections in the current no-fault law, families would be left to handle the expenses for a lifetime of treatment for traumatic brain injuries and paralysis, the costs of which will far exceed any of the caps that have been proposed. I strongly believe it is against our principles as elected representatives to allow legislation that actively burdens our constituents and reduces the quality of care, with no guarantees of rate savings.

5. CPAN: If you could tell your constituents one thing, what would that be?

Rep Greimel: Don't be afraid to contact your legislators. I talk to many people who feel like their elected officials don't care what they think, and that could not be further from the truth. It means a lot to me when I hear from constituents about issues that matter to them.

6. CPAN: What is something that most of your constituents might not know about you?

Rep Greimel: I had a very severe speech impediment as a child. I was in very intensive speech therapy from the age of 2 to the age of 9. There was a point in time when folks did not think that I would ever be able to talk normally.

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