Rep. Derek Miller

Getting to Know our Friends in the Legislature

Representative Derek Miller

Distrit 28 - Warren, Centerline

1. CPAN: Why did you decide to run for the state legislature?

Rep Miller: I decided to run for the legislature because I wanted to serve the people of Warren and Center Line (28th House District). I come from a family that values public service and believes that hard working people and families need strong representation. My work as a Macomb County Assistant Prosecutor also showed me the need for changes to our current laws and the importance of creating good public policy.

2. CPAN: What are your personal priorities for this 98th legislative session?

Rep Miller: Some of my main priorities are to improve Michigan's economy and work to create more jobs, especially higher paying jobs. I also support increasing education funding and making sure that our teachers and students have the resources necessary so that graduates are ready to enter in to a modern economy. Ensuring that local municipalities have the proper funding to provide the public services that their residents expect is another issue I care greatly about. As well as finding a long-term comprehensive solution to fixing our broken infrastructure system. Furthermore, increasing the transparency of the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association is an issue I am heavily focused on. A personal priority of mine is to also work on legislation that makes it easier to prosecute those that prey on vulnerable adults.

3. CPAN: Why is preserving the Michigan auto no-fault insurance system important to you?

Rep Miller: Michigan's auto insurance system provides the best benefits and healthcare in the country. No-fault is what people count on when they are catastrophically injured and without this system many people would face much more dire and tragic conditions. Accident victims and their families depend on no-fault insurance so that victims and their families can live as normally as possible. I've toured rehabilitation clinics and met with many accident victims and learned first-hand the importance of no-fault and the benefits of receiving proper healthcare.

4. CPAN: Is there a motto or phrase that inspires you?

Rep Miller: "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." This motivates me to work hard every day to be ready for anything.

5. CPAN: What gets you up in the morning?

Rep Miller: My wife will tell you that this is a 24/7 job and often my job and constituents are the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about when I go to sleep.

6. CPAN: What is something that most of your constituents might not know about you?

Rep Miller: My wife and I are extremely excited to be welcoming our first child this November.

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