Rep. Christine Greig

Getting to Know our Friends in the Legislature

Representative Christine Greig

District 37 - Farmington/Farmington Hills

1. CPAN: Why did you decide to run for the state legislature?

Rep Greig: I had a lot to offer in representing my community and in speaking up for everyday people who do not have a political agenda, but want to live in a state with great schools, well-paying jobs and diverse, welcoming communities.

2. CPAN: What are your personal priorities for this 98th legislative session?

Rep Greig: I will work on restoring balance to our economic and social policies. Over the last six years, our tax policies have swung too far in only considering the needs of business. As a former corporate professional and small business owner, I understand the importance of improving the business climate.

However, our schools, mental health support, roads and social services investments were put on hold, and even decreased, during this time. We need a better balance between reducing business burdens and taking care of our families and their pressing needs.

3. CPAN: Can you share one aspect of your job as a legislator that you didn’t anticipate before you took office?

Rep Greig: I didn’t anticipate the amount of time responding to constituents’ problems with state services. My office has received hundreds of emails and phone calls from residents who have been denied services or cannot locate state and local services. We have worked with Treasury to obtain overdue tax refunds, with the Department of Community Health to locate mental health facilities and services, and with local organizations who provide temporary shelter and assistance to the homeless. The needs of our residents are great. While I am disappointed that our state does not offer more services, I am happy that my office can connect many residents to needed providers.

4. CPAN: Why is preserving the MI Auto No Fault insurance system important to you?

Rep Greig: I have to tell you that I did not know a lot about Michigan auto no-fault before I ran for office. My family has been very lucky that we have not had a direct experience with no-fault. During the campaign and since I’ve taken office, I have heard dozens of stories from Michiganders directly impacted by auto no-fault. The care they received allowed them to live their lives with dignity. While they still have to fight the insurance companies to get all the benefits they are eligible for, without our no-fault system, many would not have survived.

On a personal note, one of my younger brother was hit by a car on his way to Indiana University law school. (He was on a motorcycle.) He was airlifted to an Indianapolis hospital where he clung to life for weeks. Luckily he was covered by my parents insurance. Without the immediate, sustained and high quality care he received, he would probably not be the successful lawyer and judge he is today. This personal experience taught me the high level of care and medical expertise that is needed to treat catastrophic injuries. In Michigan, we have a system that addresses this very need; we must preserve it.

5. CPAN: What gets you up in the morning?

Rep Greig: Knowing that there’s work to be done on behalf of my community and state and remembering the faith and trust that voters put in me are always great motivators. I also think about my three children and how I want them to stay in Michigan. If we don’t fix the roads, improve our schools, attract and keep innovative businesses and welcome all people, I’m not sure they’ll want to stay here.

6. CPAN: Tell us something that most of your constituents might not know about you.

Rep Greig: Most of my constituents don’t know my family background. I came from a family of 12 siblings. I have seven brothers and four sisters. I also have 32 nieces and nephews and 7 grand nieces and nephews, several of which have special needs. My father is 80, and his mother lived to 102. My brother Steve died in a car accident in 1993, and my mother Bev died from breast cancer in 2009. As a 52 year-old mother, wife, daughter and granddaughter, I understand what families go through to get by every day. I understand what it’s like to worry about your future, about your kids, about your parents and about your community. I can relate to so many of my constituents because of my personal family experiences. It’s why I wanted to represent my neighbors in Lansing. I understand what they go through and want to represent their interests.

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