Julia Cooper

Julia Cooper

A careless mistake changed Julia Cooper’s life.  On April 5, 2005, a young man ran a red light at a high speed and hit her car as she proceeded through the green light.

“I do not recall my time in the emergency room.  As my daughter tells me, the doctors were able to save my life by inserting a drainage tube into my head and brain to relieve the pressure and blood.  I had incurred a traumatic brain injury”, said Julia. 

With no external signs of trauma besides balding, acquaintances assumed Julia was in top shape.  Little did they know the loss of emotion and motivation swept over her colorless world like a blanket.  Clueless as to how to piece back her life as a working mother and friend, she quickly lost confidence.

After being deemed as pre-injury status, Julia’s insurance company cancelled her benefits after participating in an Independent Medical Exam, sending her back to work.

With extreme patience and persistence, Julia continued to move forward and return to some semblance of her pre-injury life.  Although she was making improvements, it was nothing like the insurance company had said she was capable of.  She needed more help.  After registering with MRS, she was able to petition the insurance company to re-open her claim for support in an effort to seek additional rehabilitation. 

Today, Julia has worked hard to reinvent her lifestyle.  Not only was her increase in mental and physical ability a factor in turning Julia into a productive member of society, but also her surge of confidence.  She credits her growth and success to the help of many compassionate professionals and volunteers. She would not be were she is today without Michigan's no-fault system. 

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